Since 1991


SME Railway is the company’s flagship division. It prides itself on having supplied products & services for over two decades, including more than 1,500 qualified coach and loco systems in numerous designs for a wide variety of applications.

Striving for success brings this department to a world class standard that they are renowned for. Products that have been developed to date ranges from all types of HVAC Applications to a wide variety of Mechanical Solutions and Electrical Panels.

In this department we make it our mission to deliver products and solutions to this industry that are:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compact and quiet
  • Have a low lifecycle cost
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Suitable for very harsh and ambient conditions

We pride ourselves in supplying our customers with Long Term Product Support service. This is made possible by supplying our customers with proper Technical Documentation as well as strategically located Service Stations all over South Africa.

ra09 002We continuously strive to provide cutting edge innovative solutions throughout an array of industries with our primary focus on the railway, military and mining & industrial industries. This is attained by continuously accentuate the importance in using the latest CAD Modeling, FEA (Finite Element) & Flow Analysis (CFD) software packages.

With this approach we can help you change your new idea into a revenue generating product. Our services comprise of market research, industrial & branding design, mechanical & electrical design, prototyping & testing, manufacturability and production.