Since 1991


The MSI 11 is a 11kW dual evaporator split system air conditioning unit. The evaporator is purposely designed to be mounted inside the vehicle below the driver and co-driver’s seat frame

The evaporator unit supplies cool air into ducting that is connected on the left and right side of the seats. The evaporator unit contains four double scroll blowers and two evaporator cores.

A choice of two condenser configurations is available with this air-conditioning system: A condenser pack that is mounted inside the engine bay that utilizes of the engine cooling fan and a second option of an enclosed condenser unit that is mounted on the outside of the vehicle containing condenser heat exchanger cores and cooling fans

The aircon control is done via the SME developed multi application controller (MAC) the MAC can interface with the vehicle control for a total integrated system solution. Alternatively the HVAC control also can be done with conventional dash mounted switches

The compressor is mounted in the engine bay and belt driven from the engine pulley

Capacity 10kW
Max Input current (@24V) 80A
Refrigerant R134A
Operating envelope Up to 55°C
Fresh air supply N/A
Size HxWxD External Cond 650x1090x440
Internal Cond 650x620x50
Evaporator 290x1600x490
Fresh air unit N/A