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This Mk450 air-conditioner provides reliable cooling for industrial enclosures in extremely high temperature environments. Typical applications are high temperature factory environments. It can be used to cool switchgear, PLC's, variable speed motor drives, electronics and human operators.

The trademark aspect of all the air cons in the MicroKool series is that it can be applied and used in ambient temperatures up to 65°C. This aircon is also very easy to maintain and all spare parts are readily available. It is also versatile and the controller can be customised to suit client requirements and for virtually any application. It is also possible to set the enclosure temperature to any given value.


  • Electrical input 400V ±20%, 50 Hz. Double insulated. No earth or neutral connection required.
  • Extreme Conditions – This aircon remains functional in ambient temperatures up to 65 °C.
  • 304 Stainless Steel enclosure with epoxy finish.
  • Over pressure dust and chemical filtration system optional.
  • This aircon comes standard with an advanced PLC controller. Some of the features are:
    • Highly ruggedized.
    • Atmospheric protection against gas, dust particles and water exceeds IP54 for all interior electronic components.
    • Low refrigerant detection, HP/LP protection and Anti-ice protection.
    • Voltage fault protection to protect against Phase loss, Phase rotation, Voltage drop/dip, Voltage spike protection, Blackout protection and Brown out protection.
    • Communication via Bluetooth to smart phones. This communication enables aircon diagnostics and control up to 100m away from the air-conditioner. The status of the air-conditioner fleet can also be monitored quite easily.
    • CANBUS industrial network interface. This interface can be used to connect to surrounding PLC's.
    • Adjustable enclosure air temperature.
    • Door open close input to switch the aircon on/off state when enclosure doors are opened/closed.
    • Remote on- and off- switching of the aircon.
  • The electrical supply to the aircon must be fitted with suitable short circuit/overload protection. This protection shall be the responsibility of the end user.
  • A water atomiser to disperse the condensate safely can be provided as an optional extra. (Compressed air is required for this device).