Since 1991

Mechanical Solutions Mining & Industrial

Mechanical Solutions provided to date:

  • Venturi flow meters for enhancing the COP of a Chiller Circuit
  • Electrical Houses to protect electrical equipment against dusty and high ambient conditions.
  • Mobile and Fixed Assembly Platforms.
  • From a continuous plant upgrade environment: gripper, turn around table, flue wall elevator platforms etc.

Please make your selection of one of the following HVAC systems.

Electrical Houses
Venturi Flow Meters
Mobile & Fixed Platforms

back top... Electrical Houses

These large movable compartments are custom built to last 30 years* in extremely harsh environments and are ideal to house electrical panels. A reliable dust free IP65 climate controlled environment is provided for a wide variety of equipment such as variable speed drives (VSD), switchgear & auxiliary power units. The E-houses are designed to be implemented in a very corrosive and high ambient condition of up to 65o C and certified against the set out standards: AA 114001 and SANS 10162.

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back top... Venturi Flow Meters

SME flow meters are manufactured from seamless 304L Stainless Steel sections welded together to form the final configuration required.

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