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Welcome to the core of the SME business. This is the heartbeat of the company and where all development in regard to mechanical, electrical and electronic grows into an innovative solution. We pride ourselves in being leaders in providing innovative solutions to a wide variety of customers.  

The success within this department is thanks to our flexible team of engineers with extensive resources and experience. By leveraging the talents and abilities of these well-educated engineers enables us to transform ideas to manufacturable products. 
We continuously strive to provide cutting edge innovative solutions throughout an array of industries with our primary focus on the railway, military and mining & industrial industries. This is attained by continuously accentuate the importance in using the latest CAD Modeling, FEA (Finite Element) & Flow Analysis (CFD) software packages. 
With this approach we can help you change your new idea into a revenue generating product. Our services comprise of market research, industrial & branding design, mechanical & electrical design, prototyping & testing, manufacturability and production.
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1. General Mechanical Designs

SME has a proven track record in the design and development of mechanical systems and products.

We strive to take an idea and developed it into a cost effective production friendly solution. This is attained by using top notch engineering tools such as:

  • Autodesk Inventor Professional
  • Autodesk Product Design Suite
  • Autodesk Electrical
  • Autodesk Design Review
  • Autodesk Simulation
  • Autodesk Multi-physics 
  • Autodesk CFD Analysis
  • Autodesk Showcase
  • Corel Draw 

Thanks to these software, our experienced engineers are empowered to supply services such as:

  • Detail Design Calculations which also incorporates Finite Element Analysis for analyzing the strength of critical components and Computational Flow Dynamics to analyze the flow of a medium around an object.
  • Industrial Design & Layout
  • Conceptual & Detail Design
  • 3D Modelling & Draughting
  • Product Optimization
  • Motion Simulation
  • Product Branding

With a flexible well informed project management division, we have been able to supply a wide range of quality products and solutions over the past two decades. Refer to the images below for an illustration of our abilities throughout different environments.

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2. Structural Designs

SME has attained significant experience in structural solutions throughout recent years.  The two main specifications to which all structures comply are:

  • Design of Steel Structures: AA 114001 Issue 11

This specification defines the different loading conditions / combinations taking an Ultimate and Serviceability load factor into account. 

  • Design of members, connections and welding: SANS 10162 

This specification is in general used for the design of welded joints and bolt connections. 

With the help of Structural Analysis Software such as Prokon Structures and various Autodesk tools as mentioned under General Mechanical Designs we ensure cost effective solutions are provided to our customers.


An important aspect in structural designs is that all designs are signed-off by a registered professional engineer.

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3. HVAC Designs

SME offers the option for the design, manufacture and installation of a custom HVAC system to suit a wide variety of applications where a special requirement arises in terms of environmental conditions, electrical power supply, ergonomics, space requirement, etc. 
Our specialized services for custom applications comprise of: 
  • Heat load calculations
  • Supply of thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Design of vapor compression cycle 
  • Computational flow dynamic analysis
  • CAD software enclosure and ducting design
  • HVAC control system design
  • In-house climatic chamber testing
  • EMC  and vibration qualification
  • In-house manufacturing with CNC machining, coded welding and sheet metal works
  • Document development e.g. operator manuals, data packs, etc.
  • Maintenance support via skilled technicians stationed at various service stations across the country.

For information on some of our HVAC Solutions please refer to the images below.

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4. Chiller Plant Designs

SME have supplied and installed various Chiller solutions for a wide variety of applications over the past few years in the Commercial, Industrial and Mining environment. 


We have recently established a mutual partnership with IMECH Consulting which specializes in the design of mechanical HVAC solutions for buildings. This means our clients can turn to a single entity to address their HVAC need from a detail design, supply and installation aspect. 

Specific types of facilities for which we provide solutions are:
  • Office blocks
  • Substation & PLC Rooms
  • Data Centres
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centres
  • Etc.

As a mutual partnership, we strive to use the latest design techniques and state of the art technology with the aim to provide our clients with an energy efficient system. 

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5. Electrical Design

SME’s electrical department offer turnkey projects in the electrical, electronics and control environment. This ranges from Distribution Boards (DB) and PLC Panels to Variable Fan Speed controllers and our latest Multi-Application Controllers (MAC).

Our main focus is to design and manufacture control systems for all mechanical products fitted with electrical equipment. Only reputable components are used and all workmanship is of the highest quality. Subject to this, Factory Acceptance and Testing (FAT) forms an integral part of our success. All products are subjected to various simulated harsh environments in our climate control chamber before being ruled as fit for purpose. Subsequent to this shock, vibration & EMI/EMC qualification tests are performed to ensure our products are fit for the harsh environments in which it operates. 

Our field of expertise:

  • Control Systems: Design & Develop specific to a custom requirement; Multi-Application Controller (such as: Stand-alone variable fan speed controller); Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC); CANBUS& RS485 communication; Wireless LAN & Blue tooth communication interfaces with a GSM ability to monitor and provide input from any location. 
  • Design, Manufacturing and Population of Distribution Boards (DB), PLC Panels, Control panels, Customized Man Machine Interfaces (MMI), Alternators & Gensets (Auxiliary Power Units).
  • Installation of Low to Medium Voltage power cabling, Instrumentation cabling, Communication cabling; Sensor equipment such NTC & Thermocouple Probes and Pressure transducers; Instrumentation and controllers.

Refer to the images below for an illustration on our abilities. 

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6. Finite Element Analysis

SME’s engineers have extensive experience in finite element analysis by utilizing Autodesk Simulation, Autodesk Multi-physics, Autodesk CFD Analysis and Prokon Structures. With these programs our abilities for analysis comprise of:

  • Linear & Non-linear analysis
  • Buckling Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Contact stress analysis

SME originated from a HVAC background where flow analysis formed an integral part of the success of the product. Additional abilities mainly utilized in this environment are:

  • Air flow analysis around an object
  • Air distribution analysis throughout an area or room inside a building
  • Steady State Thermal Analysis 

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